I am excited to announce that I will be accepting a limited number of requests for commissions over the coming months.

How it works: Please fill out the form below with your commission request. Once I receive your request, I will review it and provide you details regarding pricing and timing depending on the complexity of the piece and whether color or animation are requested. Please note that I do not color or animate the pieces myself, but instead partner with a number of talented professionals to do the coloring. Once we have agreed on a concept and price, Makersplace will hold the funds in escrow while the piece is being worked on. If you would like, I will send you a sketch of the concept prior to beginning work on the piece. Once the piece is completed, you may provide a title and/or description for the piece (subject to certain limitations). Alternatively, I can name and describe the piece. Once completed, the piece will be minted and Makersplace will purchase the piece and transfer it to your wallet.

Pricing: Although pricing will depend on the complexity of the piece, whether coloring or animation is requested, and the number of pieces requested, pricing will be largely consistent with prices previously paid by collectors for my commissioned pieces. Accordingly, prices will range between 25 and 40 ETH (or USD equivalent) depending on the above and the value of Ethereum at the time of the commission.

Please Note: While I am always excited to create pieces that go as far as the commissioner’s imagination will take them, for personal, professional, and legal reasons I must reserve the right to reject certain requests in my sole discretion. If I do reject a request, I will provide you with a reason why and suggest an alternative so that we can create something amazing together! Please also understand that I will do my best to reply to all requests in a timely manner. But if for some reason I miss yours, please feel free to contact me on Twitter at @Jose_Delbo.

Commission Options

Edition of 1 NFT Commission

  • What you will receive: An edition of 1 digital art NFT minted on the Makersplace smart contract. All physical sketches used to create the piece will be retained as the final “original” piece will be the digital version.
  • Who is this best for: You want a piece that is all yours. You envision the concept, I bring it to life, and you get to be the only one who owns it.

Edition of 1 NFT Commission Plus Editions (new)

  • What you will receive: An edition of 1 digital art NFT minted on the Makersplace smart contract (only available for color or color/animated commissions). 10 black and white editions will then be created of the piece and sold during one of my future drops. I will retain the first edition. You will receive the second edition and 25% of the proceeds from the sales of editions 3-10.
  • Who this is best for: You want to see your concept brought to life and own an exclusive color/animated edition of 1, but don’t mind sharing a version of it with others while receiving a portion of the revenues and an additional black and white version of the piece.

Above Options Plus Physical Canvas Print (new)

  • What you will receive: Depending on the option you select above, you will receive an edition of 1 digital art NFT minted on the Makersplace smart contract, a 2/10 black and white editioned NFT piece plus a share of edition revenues (if that option is selected), and a physical color signed canvas print.
  • Who this is best for: You want all of the above for the digital piece, but also want a physical piece that you can hang on your wall.
  • Pricing: Additional 5 ETH

Past Commissions

My Hero

Description: Be Kind. Be Strong. Be Fierce.

Coloring and animation by Primal Cypher.

Owner: @etyoung

Editions: 1

Sale Price: 35.2 ETH

Link: Makersplace

The Battle Below Sea

Description: While pandemic and unrest plague the land, a long-standing and often ignored battle continues to rage below sea. As the endangered creatures of the deep see their underwater paradise destroyed by human waste, they turn to their hero, the King of the Seven Seas, for help. He sits pensively, determined to find a solution to a battle that cannot be won with force but will take the collective will of humanity.

Owner: @Axie44

Editions: 1

Sale Price: 25 ETH

Link: Makersplace