Death … The Fallen

Death … The Fallen

On March 27 on Nifty Gateway, in collaboration with Vúho, we are proud to present the newest piece in the “Death . . . No Escape” series: “Death . . . The Fallen.” This piece will be offered as a limited time open edition.

For this piece, I partnered with the amazing team at Vúho, a 3d design studio based in Colombia, in order to portray Death like never before.

Vúho is a laboratory of personalized digital experiences. With the goal of becoming the creators of the most dazzling virtual experiences, Vúho aims to become a fundamental root in the development of the new emerging digital dynamics, delivering the best audiovisual immersive experience to the public. Vúho’s team is composed by young talented digital artists and engineers.

We worked for months on the concept and how it should be brought to life. As Death walks quietly through the graveyard he passes the tombs of those who have fallen before, always leaving the question … who is next?

And now, we present to you, Death . . . The Fallen!

Death The Fallen

Type: Open Edition

Price: $750

As Death walks quietly through the graveyard he passes the tombs of those who have fallen before, always leaving the question … who is next?

In collaboration with Vúho.

History Of Death

Death . . . No Escape

On July 24, 2020, I made my crypto art debut with my original comic Death.  This comic was the product of many many months of planning and it was truly an honor to release it to the crypto art community.  My understanding is that it was one of the first original comics ever released on the blockchain.

The comic itself is mostly silent and contains 42 pages of original black and white art with characters I created.  There are a series of short stories that touch on various topics involving death where the main character Death (or La Muerte) is ever present.  

Unlike most comics, which have thousands of editions printed, the Death comic was limited to 250 editions.  I was truly astonished and humbled at how quickly those editions sold out and the prices people were willing to pay to collect them.  In fact, the last 20 editions of Death sold out in one day for 1 ETH each.  This community’s response to Death helped me see that the future of comics is digital and on the blockchain.

A Wh1sper of Death

After the comics sold out, I knew I wanted to create more Death pieces.  I had the opportunity to team up with the very talented Pr1mal Cypher to create my next Death piece titled “A Wh1sper Of Death”.  Once again I was shocked at the community’s response as the limited editions sold out in a matter of seconds.

Death of A Gunslinger


The Cold Hand Of Death

A couple of months later, I decided it was time for Death to return. So I partnered with the extremely talented colorist Sarah Perryman to create two pieces portraying my Death character in a whole new light.  The first piece “Death of A Gunslinger” paid homage to one of the first characters I ever illustrated, Billy The Kid.  

As part of the same drop, I created another piece with Sarah Perryman titled “The Cold Hand Of Death”.  Through this piece, I wanted to convey the message that death can be cold, but having loved ones with you in your late years provides the warmth needed.   Once again I was humbled by the interest of the community with the pieces selling out in seconds.  

Death . . . Always Present

For “Death . . . Always Present”, I once again teamed up with the talented Sarah Perryman.  The piece is a reflection of my view that death is always present around us, but we cannot live life fearing death, but instead must live our best lives until the time when the messenger Death arrives to tell us it is our turn.